Victoria’s Market closed on March 26, 2016

To reach the store owner about purchasing fixtures, equipment, etc. please send an email to

Market Closing Announcement

It is with tremendous sadness that we announce the closing of Victoria’s Market. Every effort has been made for the sake of our employees and our community to maintain operations despite significantly lower than anticipated sales. We have determined that the mounting expenses of keeping the store open are simply too great.

We’d like to express at this time our gratitude to our employees, managers, and vendors for their hard work. Also, we’d like to acknowledge our exceptionally loyal customers who shopped our store and thank them for their support.

Beginning Wednesday, March 9th we will commence a liquidation of the store inventory and fixtures. Check back here for updates as we move through the closure process.

In order to ensure we are able to focus on smooth store operations until final closure of the store, we respectfully decline any interviews at this time.

Will Jedlicka, General Manager

Victoria’s Market